News itemGrigoriy IVANOV Main parametersH1Grigoriy IVANOV Anons<h1>Grigoriy IVANOV</h1> <span><span>Principal Architect</span></span> <p><span>Member of the Union of Architects&nbsp;of the Russian Federation</span></p> <h2>Education:</h2> <p>1995-2001 - architectural faculty of St. Petersburg State Architecture and Construction University, specialization - architect</p> <p><span>In the "Studio 44" since</span>&nbsp;2001</p> <h2></h2> <ul> </ul>Описание специалистаИмя на изображенииГригорий ВладиславовичPublication propertiesPublish dateMon, 29 Apr 2013 15:37:00 +0400Show in menuImage for title/images/cms/data/experts__leading/ivanov_g_v.jpg
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